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eat well with michelle

Total Gut Reset

“All health begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates

Are you tired of juice cleanses or weight loss programs that are not sustainable and sometimes lead to even more weight gain and cravings? Are you yearning to know what to eat with all the confusion and fad diets out there?


After helping many clients who came off failed diets and $$ cleanses, it inspired me to develop a program that was realistic, affordable and science-based. This is how my total gut reset was born. Centered around gut health, this long-term solution implements the types of healthy fats, fiber and protein needed to promote satiety and reduce sugar cravings- without the deprivation! You still get to eat snacks and tasty meals throughout the day, AND enjoy delicious daily smoothies! (If you don’t love smoothies, that’s ok! There's other tricks to curb sweet tooth and get that fiber in.) There are also 3 amazing products included that support healthy detoxification, comprehensive microbiome, and  inflammation support.  

Is this the program for you?

If for (just 2 weeks!) you can commit to dining at home, removing processed food, alcohol, refined sugars, gluten and most dairy, then you can do it! Instead, you will replace these things with yummy, healing recipes and amazing smoothies. 



✦ reduce or remove sweet cravings.

✦ begin to only crave REAL food in its natural state.

✦ better sleep + more energy

✦ clearer skin

✦ reduce or remove bloating

✦ create long-term habits

✦ feel amazing

✦ lose weight

✦ boost immunity


What’s included:

-Meal templates with shopping list

-Lots of recipes (snacks, breakfast, lunch & dinner)

-Helpful resources such as “top fiber foods” and “healthy swaps”

-A month supply of professional- grade supplements. (Click on products for more detailed information)


Cost: $210

total gut reset


"Michelle’s reset cleanse was easy to follow and I wasn’t hungry.  It was really fun trying new smoothies every day and the prep was quick.  I was able to grab and go!  I had a flat stomach within a week of the cleanse.  I had so much more energy!"

Tania Kvakic


There there has never been a better time than now to reset your gut, mind, and body.
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