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Meet Michelle Gulbas


Michelle Gulbas is a Scottsdale-based, mother of two boys and former educator turned family health coach. She is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist who specializes in helping families achieve optimal health by introducing them to whole, unprocessed and nutrient-dense foods. Michelle's passion is educating people on how to simplify things in the kitchen; creating easy nutritious meals.


Michelle's background as an educator along with her Bachelor's from Arizona State University and Master's degree from Northern Arizona University in Early Childhood Education helps her understand her clients and their children's nutritional needs. Michelle also has a Nutrition Certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in addition to a Health Coach Certification through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.


Michelle focuses on a variety of families including those who are health conscious and proactive but may still find it difficult to determine the best food option for themselves or their children. With an emphasis on gut health, Michelle's work allows her to help her clients manage stress, establish healthy eating habits along with meal planning. Her health coaching encompasses a comprehensive review of her clients' needs from pantry makeovers to grocery shopping tours to individualized meal planning. She sets manageable goals and supports clients to achieve them along the way. 



"Michelle's corporate presentations have been engaging and interactive for our group. We have noticed our employees that attended are paying closer attention to their nutritional choices at work and taking part in conversation regarding the facts learned and recipes they have tried. Nutrition should be a part of any corporate wellness program." 

Jessica Grant, CFO Corbins Electric



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Family Nutrition Counseling

I will work with you to make healthy eating fun for the entire family. An in-home consult includes a pantry makeover with recommended swap-outs, a wellness plan designed to fit your family's needs, supplemental guidance, help with picky eaters, simple snack and meal ideas, meal prep tips and where to shop. Resources provided including a brands recommendations list, a replacement food guide and more. 


20% off all professional grade supplements included.

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Group Events and Corporate Wellness

With a heavy emphasis on gut health, I clear the misconceptions around nutrition delivering science-based information. I offer both hands-on workshops and seminars, customizable to your group’s needs. Zoom presentations are also an option. Topics include but are not limited to: Heart Health, Traffic Light Eating, Nutrition For Moms, Gut Health, Smoothie Demos, Prime-Time Health, and Weight Management Strategies. 

Guided Grocery Shopping Tour

Since the grocery store is where healthy living begins, I will work with your shopping list to help you find the healthiest options available. We will label read, identify ingredients to steer clear from, and find the healthiest kitchen staples to have in your home. We will load your cart with the the produce that’s in season, and discuss how to meal prep them to simplify your week. In addition, healthy snacks is my expertise, so you will leave with the most wholesome snack brands for you and your family. By the end of the tour, you will have a shopping cart full of nourishing food, and the knowledge to navigate the grocery store going forward.


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